Bill Pay

Using Bill Pay is the easy, fast way to manage your bills. You only have to enter your information one time – and you never have to find a stamp!

Online Bill Pay puts you in control of who you pay and when you pay them. You can choose the convenient way for you, whether online or on your mobile device. Online Bill Pay provides you with the convenience of managing and paying bills without sorting through mounds of paper or buying stamps. The time and money you save lets you get back to what really matters in your life.
 To have Online Bill Pay, you need to be enrolled in Online Banking

Get Started With Online Bill Pay:

1.  Sign in and Get Ready

Make sure you’re logged in to your Online Banking Account and have your paper bill available. 

2.  Find a Biller

Click on the “Add Company or Person” button, search for your biller. If you don’t find your biller, you’ll need to enter their information.

3.  Enter Bill Information

Enter all the needed bill information and add the address you would mail the payment to. An added tip is to give the bill a nickname to help you remember what that bill is for!

4.  Schedule a Payment

Once your bill information is entered, simply select a payee, enter the amount and the date you want it paid; just click “Send Money!”



How do I delete a bill?
Deleting a bill is simple. Sign into your Online Bill Pay, navigate to Bill Pay and go to the Payment Center. Select the Company or Person and click on the “Details” link. Select the “Remove” option and save.

How do I see payment history?
You can view payment history through the “Activity” tab from the Payment Center, or by clicking on the “Activity” link of a company or individual.

How will I know if my bill has been paid?
To see if payments have been paid, select the “Activity” tab. You can also view the bill details by clicking on a payee in the Payment Center which will let you know the type of payment sent and if the payment has been received. If you need assistance contact Customer Support.

Who can I pay?
You can pay almost anyone in the United States: national bank card companies, mortgage or auto loan companies, department stores, your landscaper or the babysitter. However, individuals or businesses outside the United States and its territories are not eligible for Bill Pay services.

Will I be notified about a scheduled payment once it is paid?
You won't be notified when scheduled payment has been made. However, you can set up "Reminders" to keep track of upcoming bills by adding options like reminder emails for when a bill is due, if a bill has not been paid by the due date, and when a payment has been sent.


Questions, contact a F&M team member by phone or email.