Business Positive Pay

F&M Bank & Trust wants you to detect and prevent check fraud faster.


Positive Pay Details

Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection tool that offers to help you feel secure about the money coming out of your accounts by identifying unauthorized transactions before final payment.
This service compares each check presented for payment against your check issue file. You can view all images of checks before deciding which items to pay or return, monitor daily incoming clearings and immediately return fraudulent items.


  • Sign on through online banking and customize the program to your needs for easy issue file uploads
  • Single checks are easily entered and issued checks can be maintenanced to avoid unnecessary suspect items
  • Email confirmation for receipt of your issued file and notification of suspect items

ACH Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay helps guard against unauthorized electronic activity. We can provide full ACH Positive Pay, which would require your approval for ACH transactions that do not meet your parameters. Or we will send an email notification when any ACH item is posting to your account.

ACH Authorization Rules:

  • Defines all the preauthorized ACH transaction rules for an account
  • Can include the originating company, standard entry class, transaction type (debits and/or credits) and a maximum authorized dollar amount
  • If an unauthorized ACH item posts to an account, the rules determine whether the item requires a pay/return decision or if you should simply be alerted via email that the unauthorized activity has occurred

Transaction Filter/Block

  • Defines guidelines for monitoring ACH activity and alerting you if an ACH item posts that matches the monitoring guidelines
  • Can include the standard entry class, transaction code, transaction type (debits and/or credits) and the transaction amount
  • All items meeting the filter criteria are automatically returned

Consider this Service if your Company:

  • Has experienced check fraud loss
  • Wants to reduce exposure to fraudulent transactions
  • Deposit Services & Receivables
To get more details, contact the Business Team.