Debit Card

Businesses need fast and easy access to their money.  At F&M Bank & Trust we provide the instant purchasing power that your business needs.  As a business you can walk in and walk out with a Business Debit Card ready to use.

F&M Bank & Trust now offers Business Mobile Wallet. So you do not have to take your wallet, purse, or debit card with you to make a purchase! With Business Mobile Wallet, you can make in-store purchases directly from your phone. Just add your card to your Mobile Wallet and tap to pay!

Business Mobile Wallet is available for iPhone and Android. Enjoy privacy and security from the convenience of your pocket!

F&M Bank & Trust works with the following mobile wallet providers:

Apple Pay® Google Pay™ Samsung Pay®

If you know your customers are using Mobile Wallet, upgrade your equipment to meet the technological demand. Visit Merchant Card Services to learn more.

To get more details or open an account, contact the Business Team.