Business ACH

F&M Bank & Trusts provides clients the opportunity to use a high-quality payment and receivables solution called ACH (Automated Clearing House).

ACH is an electronic payment delivery system which allows you to make payments or collect funds electronically through the ACH network. ACH transactions are usually next- day entries when exchanged with other financial institutions. ACH functions include direct deposits and check conversions from paper to electronic.

ACH can streamline your payments and receivables processes for:

  • Consumer-initiated bill payments and pre-authorized debits
  • Direct deposit of payroll, pension payments and T&E reimbursements
  • Vendor payments
  • Mortgage and tax payments
  • Dividend payments
  • And a growing number of other ACH-facilitated applications

When you use ACH to make payments to employees and vendors, your company will benefit from:

  • Cost savings
  • Improved account reconciliation
  • Resource re-deployment

By using ACH to receive payments from customers, your company will benefit from:

  • Timely collection and cash flow
  • Reduced processing costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction

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