E-Sign Disclosures


Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust seeks to provide you with all the information you need to manage your accounts and transactions, and we want to do so in a method that best suits your needs. If you would like to receive your Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust information electronically, rather than on paper, you must provide your consent.

This Disclosure and Consent contains important information regarding that consent, and applies to all communications for products and services offered through Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust online and mobile banking services. We urge you to read this document carefully, and to print a copy for future reference.

The words “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust. The words “you”, and “your” refer to our client, which may be you, as an individual, or the entity which owns the Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust account. “Communications” means the information we provide to you, including, but not limited to, Notices, Disclosures, Account Statements, alerts, and warnings.


In consideration of the Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Bill Payment services (SERVICES) to be provided by Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust by clicking the I AGREE box YOU agree that:

  • You hereby request and authorizes Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust to provide you Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust Agreements & Disclosures electronically, in lieu of a paper copy:
    • Online Banking Agreement and Disclosure;
    • Electronic Fund Transfer Agreement;
    • Terms and Conditions for Mobile Banking
    • Mobile Capture User Agreement;
    • Terms and Conditions of the Bill Payment Service including Zelle

  • You agree to receive these agreements and disclosures in an electronic format. Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust will provide this information in a clear, conspicuous manner that You can print and/or store using the hardware & software specified below. Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust will notify You of any material change in hardware or software required for retrieving or storing this disclosure information. This consent does not include your monthly account statement. If you would like to receive your monthly account statement in electronic form rather than in paper form, you must enroll into E-Statements. On your request, Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust will still provide you with non-electronic, paper copies of any Communications, but we may charge a fee for those copies. Please check the fee schedule for any applicable fees. You understand your right to revoke this agreement and thereby withdraw consent to communicate with Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust electronically. In order to withdraw consent and terminate this agreement, You must notify us in writing to Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust, 221 Jefferson St, Burlington, IA 52601 or by calling our Client Service Department at (888) 331-2265.

  • You understand that you have a right to obtain a paper copy of any of the above-described disclosures. To obtain a paper copy, you must make a specific request to the Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust at the above address.

  • You agree to notify us immediately if you are unable to access any of the information that has been delivered by us in an electronic form or manner.
  • You agree to provide us with written notice or by calling (888) 331-2265 if your electronic mail address changes. If notice(s) cannot be delivered electronically you agrees we may deliver the notice(s) by first class mail.

  • You and us agree that this SERVICE will not start until this Agreement is acknowledged AND that You confirm your consent electronically, and that by consenting to this agreement you have demonstrated that you were able to access the agreement and/or disclosures electronically.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

  • A working computer or similar device
  • A current version of an Internet browser (Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox; Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge)
  • Online Banking access and Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 8.0 or higher (available for download at www.adobe.com)
  • A valid email address

To view the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE BILL PAYMENT SERVICE and ZELLE please log into your Online Banking account and click on Payment Center. When the Payment Center opens, there is a link on the bottom of the page called View the Terms & Conditions.

To view the Terms and Conditions for Mobile Banking:

  • For Mobile Browser Banking, go to the Mobile Browser Banking website on your phone and click on Terms and Conditions.
  • For the Touch Banking app, on the logon screen click the Terms & Conditions tab or after logging into the app, click on the More tab and select Terms & Conditions.


By clicking “I AGREE” below, you are consenting to receive Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust’s online banking agreement and disclosures electronically.

i agree   I DISAGREE