Business Operating Loans

Business owners need an operating loan that is designed to fund the way a business operates. F&M Bank & Trust understands that your needs can change and our team can help you.

With a variety of terms and products for businesses of any size, business operating loans give you access to cash when you need it and the added benefit of tax-deductible interest.


A revolving line of credit lasts one or multiple years and lets you borrow money from your
operating loan account repeatedly as you pay back the balance that you owe. Use online banking, drafts or Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer to access your operating loan funds.


A non-revolving line of credit is a one-time-use loan that provides a set limit of funds to borrow as you need them. The line of credit typically lasts for one year and is a one-time- use loan.
To apply for a business loan, contact the Loan Team today.