Account Alerts

Stay on top of your finances with Account Alerts! 

Get notifications from your F&M Bank & Trust accounts. Custom alerts allow you to enjoy peace of mind wherever you go. 

Account Alerts inform you via text or email about balances, transfers, payments and other transactions. You can choose and customize the Account Alerts you want to receive for your F&M Bank & Trust checking, savings, and debit cards.

  • Monitor account balances and activity
  • Get deposit and withdrawal notifications
  • Control security alerts
  • and much more...

F&M Online Banking Account Alerts Setup

Login to your online banking and click on ALERTS at the top right corner and set up the ALERTS you want to be notified about.

F&M Mobile App Account Alerts Setup

Login to the F&M App and the bottom click on More, then click on Alerts and set up the Alerts you want to be notified about. If you don't have the F&M App, get it at F&M Mobile App

Questions? Contact the Client Representative Team.