Scam Alerts

Warning: Avoid Scammers

F&M Bank & Trust would like to help safeguard our clients from scams and fraud related to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). These scams may come in a variety of forms including phishing emails with malicious links or attachments. Scammers are also using phone calls, social media, and text messaging to trick victims into revealing sensitive information. Always exercise your due diligence when opening any email related to COVID-19 and be wary of social media ads, texts or calls.

  •  F&M Bank & Trust will never contact you and ask for complete card numbers, account numbers or personal information, whether by text, email, or telephone call.
  •  COVID-19 will not change the operation of our electronic banking products. In fact, F&M Bank & Trust encourages the use of e-banking services to help minimize the need to visit our branches for routine transactions.
  •  If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from F&M Bank & Trust, please hang up and call us back at our Call Center (319-754-2265). Our Call Center representatives will help you determine if the call is legitimate.
  •  If you receive a call from anyone asking for information about your debit card, mobile banking, checking accounts, or online banking credentials, hang up immediately as F&M Bank & Trust would never call and ask for this information.
  •  Never provide to anyone your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or your user name and password used to access online banking or mobile banking. There is NEVER a legitimate reason to provide this information, no matter how insistent a caller may be. In fact, the more insistent the caller, the more confident you can be they are a scammer.

If you have questions about a potential scam or think you might be a victim, contact our team at 319-754-2265.