PPP Loan Forgiveness

Loan Details & Forgiveness 

F&M Bank & Trust is working with our clients who have Paycheck Protection Program Loans to receive forgiveness through the Small Business Administration (SBA).   

PPP Loan Forgiveness Applications & Instructions - Less than $50,000

Below are the links that will take you directly to the Simple Form 3508S, instructions, FAQs and rules. 

PPP Loan Forgiveness Applications & Instructions - Greater than $50,000

Below you will find details on what documentation you need to provide, instructions and the application.

PPP Loan Forgiveness EZ - Download: Instructions & Application
(The above Instructions & Application is for self employed individual, independent contractor or sole proprietor
PPP Loan Forgiveness - Download: Instructions & Application
(The above Instructions & Application is for employers who have employees)

IF you are applying for the PPP Loan Forgiveness, the below documentation must be provided when applying for Less than or Greater than $50,000

Payroll Documentation:

  • Documentation verifying the eligible cash compensation and non-cash benefit payments from the covered period such as bank account statements or third party payroll service provider reports documenting the amount of cash compensation paid to employees,
  • Tax forms or equivalent third-party payroll service provider reports for the periods, such as payroll tax filings reported or that will be reported to the IRS and state quarterly business and individual employee wage reporting and unemployment insurance tax filings reported, or that will be reported, to the relevant state. 
  • Payment receipts, cancelled checks or account statements documenting the amount of any employer contributions to employee health insurance and retirement plans that you included in the forgiveness amount. 

Non-payroll Documentation:

  • Documentation verifying existence of the obligations/services prior to February 15, 2020 and eligible payments from the covered period (Remember this only applies if you included non-payroll expenses in the amount for which you are trying to seek forgiveness)
  • Business Mortgage interest payments: Copy of lender amortization schedule and receipts or cancelled checks verifying eligible payments from the Covered period or lender account statements verifying interest amounts and eligible payments
  • Business rent or lease payments: Copy of current lease agreement and receipts or cancelled checks verifying eligible payments from the covered period.
  • Business utility payments: Copy of invoices from Feb 2020 and those paid during the covered period and receipts, cancelled checks or account statements verifying those eligible payments. 
For more information about the PPP Loan Forgiveness, visit the U.S. Small Business Administration @ www.sba.gov/.  

Please contact the Loan Officer you are working with for the application deadline or questions. 

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